Group Classes

Monday and Wednesday 5:30pm-6pm (This challenging class changes weekly to keep you motivated and reaching your goals)

Totalcyclist Classes

  • Monday 12pm, 6pm
  • Tuesday 6pm
  • Wednesday 6am, 6pm
  • Friday 8:45am
  • Saturday 8am

TotalCyclist classes are power based computrainer rides that are designed to make you stronger and faster on your bike!  Bring in your own bike and load it onto a computerized trainer which will increase and decrease the intensity based on the workout of the day. Why are these classes so great:he computer will keep track of your individual power numbers which allows us to keep track of your progress.

Advanced riders and beginners can ride simultaneously because the workout intensity is based on each person’s ability.

You can find out more at and your first class is FREE by using the code: freepass

The Winter Training Series which is offered in the evenings is specifically designed as a progressive series that increases in intensity each week- proven to make you a stronger ride by the spring! The Group Cycling, Sufferfest/Real Course classes will vary each week and are a lot of fun for a good workout and sometimes designed for you to race each other.

If you need more information, please contact Anne at


Pole Fitness  -all levels – 3 participants
Saturdays at 9am

Register online at

This class will focus on learning 20 pole dance and floor moves. You will learn how to incorporate these moves into a routine that will tighten and tone your body. This class will include a deeper stretching and strength training warm-up followed by plenty of pole time. You are guaranteed to see results zoning in on those specific problem areas in this 5 week series class. Class participants can attend one, two or unlimited days a week. This is a progressive class building upon what you learned the previous week. No dance experience required and stilettos are optional! Bare legs are essential as part of the class requires gripping of the pole. Promises to burn at least 500 calories per class. Participants must reserve a class day and time in advance, as space is limited. All levels will be taught in this class.

Sample Saturdays $20:

Three participants
11am every Saturday through 12/31

Tuesdays at 6pm

Polga takes moves from pole fitness and combines them with Yoga poses to create Polga, which makes for a fun, dynamic workout that uses the pole for strengthening, stability, and alignment. The great thing about using the pole is that you are able to stabilize and balance more easily, as well as use it for stretching, strengthening, and elevating your heart rate. The class is very fluid in nature and is a great workout. Polga takes your basic Power or Hatha Yoga poses and adds the pole for stretching, strengthening, and alignment. The class is 60 minutes, and is great for beginners to advanced. POLGA will take you on a journey on how to connect with your heart, mind, body and soul femme. You will pinpoint areas of physical and emotional resistance in your pole dancing and turn this frustration into a pose that is enjoyable and soothing. POLGA will help you gain the flexibility and core strength to master Level 1-4 pole tricks. We will focus on fluid movement, core isolation and sensuality. Broad, open outer hips, watery, whirlpooling abdomen, flexing, flaring back body…spinning around yourself….that’s POLGA!

ABT( Abs/Butt/Thighs) 6 max class participants
Wednesdays 6:00pm

ABT/Pole Sculpting is a class for those who want to focus on pole conditioning focused on specific muscle areas! Zoning in on those specific problems areas, abs, butts and thighs, this class is guaranteed to leave you with burning impact. Focused more on pole strength training versus dance choreography this class will incorporate the use of the pole, stretching bands and medicine balls to give you a sculpted workout! Participants in all levels are encouraged to take this class as part of their current pole level class. Level 1-4 pole tricks will be taught in this class. Promises to burn at least 500 calories per class.

Flexibility and Floorplay
Thursdays at 6pm 6 max participants

This class combines sexy floorplay and stretching for a great flexibility workout. Class focuses on techniques from yoga, ballet, beginner contortionism and exotic dance to help you build a toned and limber body. Join us for Flexibility and Floorplay and get those splits you’ve been working on for so long! This class is appropriate for any fitness level.