Group Classes

Monday and Wednesday 5:30pm-6pm (This challenging class changes weekly to keep you motivated and reaching your goals)

Totalcyclist Classes

  • Monday 12pm, 6pm
  • Tuesday 6pm
  • Wednesday 6am, 6pm
  • Friday 8:45am
  • Saturday 8am

TotalCyclist classes are power based computrainer rides that are designed to make you stronger and faster on your bike!  Bring in your own bike and load it onto a computerized trainer which will increase and decrease the intensity based on the workout of the day. Why are these classes so great:he computer will keep track of your individual power numbers which allows us to keep track of your progress.

Advanced riders and beginners can ride simultaneously because the workout intensity is based on each person’s ability.

You can find out more at and your first class is FREE by using the code: freepass

The Winter Training Series which is offered in the evenings is specifically designed as a progressive series that increases in intensity each week- proven to make you a stronger ride by the spring! The Group Cycling, Sufferfest/Real Course classes will vary each week and are a lot of fun for a good workout and sometimes designed for you to race each other.

If you need more information, please contact Anne at