Intervals – 3 x per week – 33 minutes each

* 5 min/1 min

* 4 min/1 min   

* 3 min/1 min

* 2 min/1 min

* 3 min/1 min

* 4 min/1 min

* 5 min/1 min

Your Weekly Challenge –    1 x per day for 3 days

* Jump rope 3 min

* Wide push ups x 10

* Jumping jacks x 20

* Sit ups x 15

* Tricep push ups x 10

* Star jumps x 15

* Inch worms x 10

* Plank x 1 min


Day One:
Breakfast: Whole-Grain Banana Blueberry Pancakes (274 cal.) + 1 tablespoon maple syrup (52 cal.)
Lunch: Slow Cooker Hearty Vegetable and Bean Soup (183 cal.)
Dinner: 2 slices of Zucchini Bell Pepper Pizza (230 cal.)
Garden Salad with Lemon & Oil Dressing (220 cal.)
Snack Options: Hard-Boiled Egg (78 cal.), Apple (95 cal.)
Total: 1132 calories

Day Two:
Breakfast: 2 Individual Egg and Spinach Bowls (168 cal.)
Lunch: Quinoa and Vegetable Stir-Fry (250 cal.)
Dinner: Slow Cooker Enchilada (249 cal.)
Snack Option: Southwestern Kale Chips (142 cal.)
Dessert Option: Sweet and Savory Parfait (374 cal.)
Total: 1183 calories

Day Three:
Breakfast: Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal (327 cal.)
Lunch: Asian Chicken Wrap (123 cal.)
Dinner: Slow Cooker Cheesy Spaghetti with Turkey Sausage (256 cal.)
Kale Caesar Salad (217 cal.)
Snack Options: Slow Cooker Cinnamon and Honey Nuts (192 cal.), One cup strawberries (47 cal.)
Total: 1162 calories

Day Four:
Breakfast: Overnight French Toast Casserole (299 cal.)
Lunch: Clean-Eating Cobb Salad (282 cal.)
Dinner: Slow Cooker Chicken Chili (142 cal.)
Citrus and Spinach Salad with Creamy Lemon Dressing (318 cal.)
Snack Options: Baked Apple Chips (32 cal.), Orange (45 cal.)
Total: 1118 calories

Day Five:
Breakfast: Skinny Fruit and Yogurt Salad (140 cal.)
Lunch: Spicy Potato and Chickpea Stew (385 cal.)
Dinner: Skinny Lasagna Roll (240 cal.)
Snack Option: Peanut Butter and Honey Oat Bar (157 cal.)
Dessert Option: Slow Cooker Brown Rice Pudding (194 cal.)
Total: 1116 calories

Day Six:
Breakfast: Pita Pocket Breakfast Sandwich (297 cal.)
Lunch: Slow Cooker Fiesta Chicken Soup (112 cal.)
Dinner: Three Cheese Ziti with Turkey (289 cal.)
Garden Salad with Lemon & Oil Dressing (220 cal.)
Snack Options: Banana (105 cal.), Sweet Potato Chips (87 cal.)
Total: 1110 calories

Day Seven:
Breakfast: 2 pieces Crustless Asparagus Quiche (106 cal.)
Lunch: Spinach and Bean Burrito Wrap (282 cal.)
Dinner: Skinny Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Roast (178 cal.)
Farro Salad with Apples and Walnuts (389 cal.)
Snack Options: 1 cup strawberries (43 cal.), ¼ cup sliced almonds (132 cal.)
Total: 1130 calories

Day Eight:
Breakfast: Pick Me Up Breakfast Smoothie (297 cal.)
Lunch: Creamy Pesto Pasta Salad (190 cal.)
Dinner: Baked Parmesan Chicken (197 cal.)
Black Bean and Brown Rice Salad (292 cal.)
Snack Options: Slow Cooker Skinny Apple Sauce (82 cal.), 1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese (100 cal.)
Total: 1158 calories

Day Nine:
Breakfast: Pumpkin Spice Bread (177 cal.)
Lunch: Veggie and Pesto Sandwich (260 cal.)
Dinner: Quinoa and Shrimp Paella (275 cal.)
Dijon Roasted Cabbage (71 cal.)
Snack Option: Nectarine (63 cal.)
Dessert Option: Apple Berry Crisp (280 cal.)
Total: 1126 calories

Day Ten:
Breakfast: Blueberry Banana Bar (269 cal.)
Lunch: Asian Salad with Crispy Chicken (173 cal.)
Dinner: Southwestern Black Bean Casserole (259 cal.)
Cucumber and Tomato Salad (66 cal.)
Snack Option: 21 (1.5 oz.) walnut halves (278 cal.)
Dessert Option: Slow Cooker Bananas Foster (110 cal.)
Total: 1155 calories

Day Eleven:
Breakfast: Banana Oat Pancakes with Apricot Compote (312 cal.)
Lunch: Clean Eating Chicken Salad Pita (240 cal.)
Dinner: Skinny Quinoa Skillet Supper (221 cal.)
Watermelon, Tomato and Feta Salad (162 cal.)
Snack Option: Apple (95 cal.)
Dessert Option: Slow Cooker Fudge (114 cal.)
Total: 1144 calories

Day Twelve:
Breakfast: Avocado Breakfast Pizza (252 cal.)
Lunch: Mushroom and Steak Fajita Sandwich (255 cal.)
Dinner: Slow Cooker Balsamic Chicken (190 cal.)
Twice-Baked Potato (104 cal.)
Snack Option: Southwestern Kale Chips (142 cal.)
Dessert Option: One cup nonfat yogurt (100 cal.) + one cup blueberries (85 cal.)
Total: 1128 calories

Day Thirteen:
Breakfast: Yogurt Parfait (184 cal.)
Lunch: Quinoa with Black Beans (201 cal.)
Dinner: Greek Pita Sandwich (250 cal.)
Mediterranean Three Bean and Corn Salad (420 cal.)
Snack Options: Orange (45 cal.), Hard-Boiled Egg (78 cal.)
Total: 1178 calories

Day Fourteen:
Breakfast: Nutty Blueberry Banana Oatmeal (346 cal.)
Lunch: Pasta Puttanesca with Baby Spinach (318 cal.)
Dinner: Skinny Chicken Fajitas (271 cal.)
Tropical Fruit Salsa (83 cal.)
Snack Options: Half cup low-fat cottage cheese (100 cal.), Baked Apple Chips (32 cal.)
Total: 1150 calories